This letter serves as my recommendation for Marianna Kuchma, CEO of MK Medical Consulting, Inc. and her team. I was MK Medical Consulting's first client. When Ms. Kuchma first came into my practice, she promised to clean up my accounts receivable and increase my revenue in a matter of six (6) months to a year. I thought it was a long shot, but I decided to give her and her team a chance. I was able to see the passion and heart in all that they do and I have not been disappointed, they have exceeded my expectations. Their team consists of people with over 25 years experience in the industry. They handle credentialing, re-negotiating of contracts, accounts receivable, patient phone calls, statements, payment analysis, practice management, compliance and there are always certified coders on staff to answer all our questions. If we email them or bring a problem to their attention, they are always responding within the same business day.

We are very pleased with our decision to sign on with MK Medical Consulting.
John T. Littell, MD
This letter serves as my recommendation for Marianna Kuchma, CEO and the team of MK Medical Consulting, Inc. My name is Crystal Westman, and I am the owner of Crystal's Counseling and Consultation, Inc. I first signed up with MK Medical Consulting in January of 2022 when I was looking to expand my practice by getting on the insurance panels for credentialing. I am now credentialed with some of the major insurance carriers, which is not an easy process in the insurance world. Her team was professional and always answered all my questions in a timely manner.

I am now seeing patients under my own practice and MK Medical Consulting has been there to walk me through the process, providing me vast knowledge on obtaining my Tax ID, applying for contracts with the insurance carriers and setting me up for electronic submissions through my software. We have now signed the full billing contract and I know we are dealing with experts in the field. They keep in complete communication with me on everything that is going on with my account and I am fully confident in referring them to other providers. They have exceeded my expectations.
Crystal Westman
President - Crystal's Counseling and Consultation, Inc
My name is Amie Thomas, the owner of AIM Counseling, Wellness and Consulting. I hired MK Medical Consulting, Inc. at a time when my practice was suffering with getting the claims paid by insurance and my monthly revenue was not adding up with the number of clients being seen. Another provider referred Marianna and team, however I was hesitant in hiring a billing representative or company that works remotely and not in my facility.

After a couple of months after signing with MK Medical Consulting, I realized that this team of professionals was driven to accomplish the goals for my practice. I can depend on the team's timely responses and call to action on all matters. With the trends of insurance company's lethargic reimbursement, I am put at ease knowing I have a team that will fight for my practice like it's their own. It is clear that Marianna's team has passion to reach the goal and the proof is in my numbers.

I would highly recommend MK Medical Consulting, Inc. to meet your practice billing management needs.
Amie Thomas
Owner, Therapist
Marianna started working for ProMedical when she was 15, if I remember correctly - maybe 14. Just helping around the office while her mom worked. Her mother and sister were also my employees. After graduating high school Marianna was hired full time and the training began. Every department we placed her in she excelled! Marianna worked in, I believe every department within ProMedical. Charge entry, payment entry, A/R follow-up, credentialing and insurance carrier contracting. She is a very fast learner, very organized and accurate! She was also a great teacher to new staff members joining her team. After selling ProMedical, Marianna was the first of many ladies to get employment within another billing company. Marianne is truly a gift to any company that is lucky enough to have her on their team. I recommend Marianne without hesitation - in fewer words this is Marianna; "Marianna will be a valuable addition to any organization. Dependable, professional, organized, and intelligent, Marianna is a hard worker who follows directives and works extremely well in groups and independently." This example is a true statement for Marianna.
Kaye Knop
Retired - President/Co-Owner at ProMedical, Inc
Marianna has extensive knowledge and is highly proficient in numerous areas of the revenue cycle management process. I can personally attest to her competencies in the areas of Payment Posting, Credentialing, and Accounts Receivable Management. I would highly recommend her for any position she pursues.
Sheri Fels
Client Manager at Perioperative Services, LLC
I would like to recommend MK Medical Consultants for your needs. Marianna has been a colleague of mine for many years. I have worked with her in several capacities in the medical billing field. She has the knowledge and background and is very knowledgeable in problem solving and correcting any issues that you may have with any of your Revenue Cycle Management from Charge Capture, all the way through the Payment Analysis Process. I can assure you if you are being paid less than your contracted rates, she will get you the revenue that you have been missing. She has several processes in place for auditing and compliance. I can assure you that compliance is a focus on her agenda and getting you the revenue that you are expecting.
Dawn Kruse
Revenue CycleAnalyst
I met Marianna Kuchma when I was hired at an anesthesiology billing service in 2001. At the time Marianna was the receptionist for the company and had been working there since she was in high school. Over the thirteen plus years I worked with her, she matured both personally and professionally. She was promoted to work in the Payment Analysis Department and eventually promoted to work in the Contract and Credentialing Department. The company we worked for was sold in 2014 and after we both were hired at a multi-practice medical billing service. Marianna handled payments, some credentialing and some accounts receivable. After several years she left to become the Billing Manager for a neurologist and was very successful in greatly increasing his revenue. She managed the staff well and created an enjoyable working environment reducing employee turnover. Marianna is a wonderful person and a delight to work with. She is very driven to succeed and I was so pleased to learn she started her own company. I have no doubt that she will provide any client excellent service with a personal touch. She has over 25 years of experience and is knowledgeable in every area of medical billing. She is invested in the success of her client's practice and has proven herself willing to take on new challenges and find solutions for any concerns that may arise. I highly recommend Marianna and MK Medical Consulting, Inc. to your practice. You will receive dedicated, personal attention and will be treated as if you are the most important client in her portfolio.
Karen A. Kissinger
I worked with Marianna for several years while working for a private doctor's office. While we were in separate departments, I gained valuable knowledge on how to be assertive with entities such as insurance companies. She is passionate at what she does. She is successful at what she does. She is respectful in what she does. Her knowledge is vast in the billing industry and she is an asset to the field as a whole. To hire/contract/work with her is a joy.
Lauren Carver