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MK Medical Consulting, Inc offers professional billing services dedicated to meeting all the insurance and patient billing needs for your practice or doctors just out of residency. We specialize in offering new physicians out of residency credentialing services.

WHAT MAKES MK Medical Consulting Inc GREAT?

Our company will handle every aspect of obtaining billing numbers required to bill most major government carriers such as Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

MK Medical Consulting Inc has expert experience in setting a new physician up with a Tax ID number and assisting them in making sure all their practice needs are met. This includes setting your practice up to conduct electronic funds transfer. This will ensure that your payments from the insurance companies deposit directly into your account. 

We Employ Latest Research Technology & Company

Our services are specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual and small group practices that are currently flourishing in the United States. Our goal is to ensure each client receives our complete and INDIVIDUAL attention. This is what sets us apart from most nationwide billing companies that take on too many clients, which puts your practice’s needs on the back burner. In my 25 years in this industry, I have taken an accounts receivable with an outstanding balance of 6 million dollars and in 2 years doubled their revenue. Our team knows how to efficiently work your claims from start to finish.

About Marianna Kuchma CEO

Marianna Kuchma CEO of MK Medical Consulting Inc. began her journey in the labyrinth of the medical billing industry in 1997 when she was only 14 years old. During her 8th grade summer, Marianna spent countless hours and days filing medical records and claims for Pro-Medical, Inc a local nationwide anesthesia billing company. The owner of the company saw her tenacity for detail and took her under his wing, cross-training her in every department and all aspects of the medical billing industry.

This cross-training included working in every department within Pro-Medical, including receptionist, accounts receivable, payment analysis, data entry, credentialing, contracting, and marketing. Marianna quickly learned how to take a physician fresh out of residency and provide this new doctor with all the tools to successfully start their own practice and guarantee they received all of their reimbursement via electronic funds transferred directly into their account.

Marianna worked for Pro-Medical, Inc for 15 years until the company decided to retire after 25 years of service to the medical community. This left Marianna jobless for the first time in her life. For the next 4 years, she worked for a local billing company in Ocala, Florida; however, her main desire and goal was to find a small practice struggling with their accounts receivables, turning around their money and practice in a profitable, positive, and proactive way. In 2018, Marianna was contacted by a former colleague and friend who was managing a growing specialist practice. Marianna was asked to come in for an interview and was hired immediately.

The doctor expressed that over the past year he was noticing a decline in his revenue. Marianna, having been trained by Pro-Medical in every aspect of this business, began looking into different concerns the doctor was having and after 4 months of diligent work resolving many underlying issues in his practice, she was promoted to billing manager.

Upon taking this promotion and having full access to their system, she realized that his Medicare number was inactivated due to non-credentialing. Marianna knew from previous experience and the short time of working at this practice that Medicare was 60 percent of his business. Additionally, the necessary documents to enroll in the clearing house to submit claims was not properly completed with the major companies. The result of this oversight by past employees was that claims were getting submitted electronically and never being sent to the insurance carrier.

After months of recredentialing, reviewing their contracted rates, which involved battling with insurance companies, finally resulting in appealing their outstanding A/R to the Florida Supreme Court pro se, Marianna doubled their money. Marianna took their accounts receivable from $6-million dollars, down to $500,000 of outstanding A/R with the help of one certified coder on staff, who now contracts exclusively with MK Medical Consulting, Inc.

After working for this doctor for 3 years, Marianna believed that she gained adequate experience, knowledge, and foresight to start her own company, where she can share her gift with other providers. This is borne of the years of hands-on training, dedication and tenacity for detail that has made her into the professional she is today. It is said that one must obtain schooling and certificates to be successful, but nothing can replace the knowledge obtained from working 25 years in this capacity.

“I owe my tenacity and perseverance to God, my mother who raised 4 children by herself, and my bosses who saw my potential and gave me the knowledge to be a successful entrepreneur to this day doing what I love and am passionate about. I provide this tenacity, dedication, and trust to all physicians I have the pleasure to provide stellar service to. At the end of the day, you are paying for services and deserve nothing but excellence for the money you spend. It is my goal to give you peace of mind that MK Medical Consulting, Inc is looking out for your best interests in all aspects of this industry. “

Marianna is driven, compassionate and has one of the kindest hearts in an industry that can lack these qualities. Let Marianna and MK Medical Consulting, Inc provide you with all the tools you need to be a successful and compliant practice.

Ariel Barron, CPC

Ariel Barron was born and raised in Ocala, FL. She loves the Sunshine State. She currently resides in Orlando, FL. She loves fishing, kayaking, game nights and cheese pizza is her favorite food. She is a certified professional coder (CPC) with the AAPC. She went to Marion Technical College in Ocala, FL in 2017. She has been in the billing world for 4 years now; she values hard work and always strive to exceed expectations. She met Marianna in 2018 where Marianna was her manager in the billing department, but Marianna was more than a boss, she was a true friend. Since meeting Marianna, she has known about her dream to start her own billing company, she is honored to be a part of MK Medical Consulting Inc.

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